About Me

My name is Andrés Pardo better known as General Treegan. I'm a film editor, postproduction supervisor, documentary and experimental filmmaker. I also run a small scale film lab. I've been cutting and coordinating post processes for more than 20 years. I have an eclectic style, I am very adaptable, purposeful, perfectionist and most of all a very musical film editor. I have a deep knowledge of film processes in the classic way of shooting film and ending with a screening print or digital intermedia workflows. I cut on Avid, Premier, Lightworks and Resolve, but my choice is FCPX. I can even cut with A+B rolls with mag or optical sound on a Steenbeck. My post work is mainly based on ads and projects that needs lab processes. I'm also an experienced After Effects user. I speak Spanish and English. I enjoy cutting ads, narrative or doc films and all sort of experimental pieces.

I love my job!

IMDB USER: 2950350